i-Human Patients® Case Player

Simulate comprehensive patient encounters for a broad variety of symptoms and diagnoses, using only a web browser.

i-Human Patients is unique in the world of patient simulation.

The i-Human Patients Case Player simulates the hundreds of “micro” investigations and judgments that occur during the diagnostic process. Unlike the first generation of virtual patient programs, which simply hand users an expert synopsis of an expert’s findings then ask multiple-choice questions, i-Human engages the user with taking a patient history, performing physical exams, building a differential, ordering and evaluating tests, etc.

Task and high-fidelity mannequins tend to focus on development of psychomotor skills and coordinated team responses to acute problems such as trauma or sudden cardiac arrest, while standardized patients (SPs) tend to focus on communication, interpersonal and professional skills.

Until i-Human Patients, the critical diagnostic cognitive competencies (the “Sherlock Holmes” skills) development process was limited by restrictions of objective, uniform, evidence-based, available anytime, anywhere, and that scales affordable – so as to provide users with potentially hundreds of patient encounters.


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Using desktops, laptops, tablets or smartboards,

i-Human Patients Case Player enables:

  • Taking of a patient history
  • Performing physical exams
  • Reviewing and documenting EMRs
  • Building and ranking a differential
  • Ordering and interpreting tests
  • Developing treatment/management plans
  • Reviewing objective evidence-based feedback (when playing in formative mode)
  • Learning/assessing exercises intergrated into the clinical case
  • 24×7 availability anywhere in the world with Internet access