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Introducing i-Human Patients®

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Active, realistic learning

Symptoms-based approach to patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning

Individualized feedback and coaching

Objective competency evaluation

Point-and-click authoring system

Rich medical multimedia repository

We Help Students and Clinicians Learn.

Simulated “real world” experience

i-Human Patients provides a complete, active learning experience that results in more effective competency development and knowledge retention. Students and clinicians take a patient history, perform physical exams, select and prioritize differentials, order and interpret tests, develop a treatment plan, and document the encounter in the built-in EMR. Our fully interactive, immersive multimedia user experience simulates the real world. Follow patients over time as their symptoms and diagnoses increase in complexity.

Self-directed and team-based learning

i-Human Patients provides individualized feedback and coaching at every step of the way, showing students and clinicians how their questions, interpretations and decisions compare to those of an expert. In team-based i-Human Patients settings, players consult with and learn from each other as they work through cases together. Embedded learning exercises, basic science tutorials and optional reference links provide a full, integrated learning experience.

We Help Clinical Educators Educate.

Accelerate clinical competency development with increasingly complex diagnostic reasoning challenges

i-Human Patients provides progressive clinical competency development from beginning to advanced students, residents and beyond. Use it to provide early simulated patient encounters and a clinical context for learning basic sciences. Expose students and clinicians to a full range of presenting patients, reinforcing a symptoms-based diagnosis approach. Help users revisit basic science concepts in their clinical years.

Objectively Evaluate Individual And Group Performance

i-Human Patients data analytics provides a wealth of information on both individual and group performance. What can be concluded about their patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning development based on their history taking, physical exams, differentials, test interpretations and diagnoses? What areas can be identified for improvement?

Select From Existing Cases Or Easily Create, Customize And Share Your Own

i-Human Patients is offered with two types of simulated patient cases: those created by subscriber institutions and freely shared under a Creative Commons licensing model; and those authored and peer-reviewed by faculty from leading medical and other schools across the country. In addition, our free point-and-click authoring system and rich medical multimedia repository of tutorials, learning exercises, ECGs, CTs, radiographs, echocardiograms, colonoscopy and endoscopy videos, pathology slides, etc. make it easy to create your own cases or create derivative works. Share these with others using our cloud-based Creative Commons rights management and case distribution system.

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What our customers say.

Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MDi-Human is the most exciting advance in healthcare education that I've seen. It has the power to change how faculty teach and how student and clinicians learn. The result will be better-prepared clinicians and improved patient care.
Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MD
Donald N. Pritzker Professor and Chairman, Department of Pathology, University of Chicago; Senior Editor, Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease and Robbins Basic Pathology
Nick ColazzoI think that i-Human is an incredible product. I really love the open-ended feedback that they give you - it lets you choose your course and corrects you as needed, and I think that's really valuable. I think that it can augment standardized patients really well, and it gives students exposure to things that they may not experience otherwise.
Nick Colazzo
Medical Student, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


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Reliance Foundation
i-Human Patients, Inc. has partnered with Reliance Foundation to enhance technology and content and to spread quality medical education and training.

American Medical Association
i-Human Patients case development funding is generously supported by the American Medical Association.

National Science Foundation
i-Human Patients, Inc. is the proud recipient of several National Science Foundation grants.

Drexel University uses i-Human

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