Build and assess clinical judgment skills using virtual simulation.

Provide students meaningful clinical practice using virtual patient encounters—that may satisfy CAATE Standards.
  • 15 cases, hand selected to meet the needs of Athletic Training departments
  • Diverse patient “avatars” in a wide range of ages and demographics
  • Virtual patients blink, breathe, and respond to questions
  • Practice in Learning Mode, and opportunity for formative/summative assessment in Test Mode
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics

Integrated Learning

Use i-Human Patients to help students understand where their classroom learnings apply to patient encounters.

  • Lessons – Provide students with access to lessons from our library to review clinical procedures like how to take a history.
  • Exercises – Allow students to dive deep into a topic (like how to perform a heart auscultation) within an appropriate case with an embedded exercise.
  • Quizzes – Ensure that students have fully comprehended the topics and lessons with integrated quizzes.

Robust Tracking and Reporting

Auto-Scoring and Analytics

We track every keystroke to provide faculty and students with detailed performance stats.

Auto-scoring saves time for faculty. Students will automatically be graded and see what they did right or wrong, as well as what they missed.

Individual Performance

Students and faculty can drill down to view detailed performance information.

Group and Cohort Performance

Faculty can assess common areas of proficiency and deficiency across groups and cohorts.

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