i-Human Patients® Authoring System

Create and share new simulated patient encounters.

The i-Human Patients Authoring System enables educators to create new simulated patient encounters (as well as derivative works of existing “Share & Share Alike” cases) using a point-and-click approach to content development.

Authors can quickly and easily create:
  • authentic, interactive patient history dialogs
  • interactive and media-rich physical examinations and findings, e.g., cardiac and lung auscultation, neurologic exams, etc.
  • diagnostic reasoning exercises
  • test results (chosen from our database of ECGs, radiographs, CTs, endoscopies, ultrasounds, etc. or uploaded on their own)
  • clinical and basic science-related quizzes plus active learning exercises, within the clinical case context
Secure Cloud-based Infrastructure

All information is stored securely in a cloud-based infrastructure so that authors can access their cases from anywhere at any time, and can readily collaborate on case development with co-authors. Plus, authors have the comfort of knowing that all their work is backed up in multiple locations on secure data servers operated by the largest cloud-computing company in the world.