Introducing the i-Human Case Player for Emergency Medicine

The i-Human Case Player simulates a comprehensive, interactive patient encounter using only a web browser. Users can take a patient history, perform physical exams, select and prioritize differentials, order and interpret tests, develop a treatment plan, and document the encounter. Depending on your learning and evaluation objectives, you can readily configure the cases to cover more or less of these activities in any encounter.

Objectively evaluate and enhance diagnostic reasoning competency in EM clerks and residents



Virtual Patient
Case Scenarios

Consistent exposure to patient diseases and presentations

With over 188 of our 400+ virtual patient case scenarios applicable to Emergency Medicine, you can ensure that clerks and residents obtain a consistent exposure to patient diseases and presentations. And they’ll develop the critical patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning competencies needed to become great clinicians. Personalized feedback and coaching is automatically generated for each user when used in formative mode.


Select from below to view number of cases by body System in our standard and Symptom to Diagnosis cases.


  • Emergency Medicine
    188 cases
  • Neurology
    40 cases
  • Psychiatry
    17 cases
  • Family Medicine
    150 cases
  • OB/GYN
    6 cases
  • Surgery
    46 cases
  • Internal Medicine
    192 cases
  • Pediatrics
    9 cases
Automatic, objective performance data for consistency in evaluations

The patient assessment process consists of hundreds of micro-investigations and decisions. The i-Human Case Player captures these events, compares them to the best available medical evidence and expert opinion, then presents you with summary and detailed performance analytics.

  • Was the chief complaint qualified? Was there an investigation of associated signs and symptoms, risk factors, etc. Was there an appropriate past medical history, family history, etc?
  • Were all and only those physical exams performed that were appropriate to the chief complaint? Were abnormal findings identified?
  • Did the user develop and prioritize an appropriate differential?
  • Were the right tests ordered to evaluate each of their differentials?
  • Did they interpret the diagnostic tests correctly and accurately confirm the diagnosis and rule out other hypotheses?
  • Did they correctly document the encounter in the EMR?

The comprehensive encounter enables measurement of a user’s skill and knowledge in unison with Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) – unique, integrated, and measurable units of professional work used as a basis for assessment of competency.



Extensive Analytics

Extensive analytics and reporting makes it easy to normalize evaluations across site- or mentor-specific variances, and tie performance with assessments in a data-driven manner. More than 60 reports are available on individual and group (cohort) performance.

Group Reporting

Just some of our 60 reports

i-Human provides multiple reports to fit your needs. From basic overview history, tests, and exams to stats for individuals, getting the information you need is easy!

Individual Reporting

Identify remediation points

See how our Summary and Pivotal Concepts reports data can help identify areas requiring more focus and assists in concentrating remediation efforts for greater success.

About i-Human Patients, Inc.

i-Human Patients, Inc. is an award winning healthcare education technology company. We provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art SaaS platform to help schools and provider organizations rapidly develop and evaluate critical cognitive competencies in healthcare professions students and practitioners. These competencies enable one to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively assess and diagnose a patient, resulting in appropriate and timely care.

Our platform includes a broad range of applications:

Players, cases, and videos available by subscription:
  • i-Human Case Player for Medicine
    • Share & Share Alike Cases
    • Premium Cases (AMA IM, EM, Psych, and Symptom to Diagnosis)
    • Custom Cases
    • Symptom to Diagnosis Video Lectures
  • i-Human Case Player for Graduate
  • i-Human Case Player for Undergrad Nursing (in development)
  • i-Human Lessons Player
Authoring and administration support tools:
  • i-Human Case Authoring System
  • i-Human Lessons Authoring System
  • i-Human Media Repository
  • TOCA User Administration System

Our customers include leading medical, nurse practitioner, physician assistant and nursing schools in addition to medical specialty boards (and soon professional associations and health systems). We have won multiple awards including: 2013 IMSH Best in Show (Small Companies), 2015 IMSH Runner-Up Best in Show (Large Companies), and 2014 HealthTech Most Promising Company (one of three finalists). We have been covered by CNN, CBS, and many other media organizations.

IHP is privately held, and because of our innovative technology and impact on transforming medical education and the quality of healthcare, we have received substantial support from the American Medical Association and the National Science Foundation. In addition, we are partnering with the Reliance Foundation to enhance technology and content, and to spread quality medical education and training.

Reliance Foundation

i-Human Patients, Inc. has partnered with Reliance Foundation to enhance technology and content and to spread quality medical education and training.

American Medical Association

i-Human Patients case development funding is generously supported by the American Medical Association.

National Science Foundation

i-Human Patients, Inc. is the proud recipient of several National Science Foundation grants.