Virtual Simulated Patient Encounter Demos

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Undergraduate Nursing

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Graduate Nursing

Interview, Examine, Feedback

Medical Programs

Interview, Examine, Diagnose

Accelerate clinical competency, Objectively evaluate performance, & Select from ready-to-use cases

Improve your students’ clinical competency while saving time and cost using our virtual simulated patient encounters.

The i-Human Patients Case Player is a clinician-patient encounter simulation that is uniquely beneficial. This educational approach gives students practice in making the hundreds of “micro-decisions” that are made when taking a patient history, performing a physical exam, developing a differential, ordering and reviewing test results and educating patients about their newly diagnosed medical condition and treatment plan. All of this can be done anytime and anyplace because it is cloud-based. Students get detailed feedback on their performance while saving faculty time and allowing them to focus on teaching to the identified clinical/knowledge gaps identified.

Join a demo to learn more about this new and exciting educational service with over 500 clinical cases to select from to meet your student’s educational needs.