Virtual Microscopy Features

Histopathology slide library

The i-Human Patients media library contains more than 1,000 shareable 20-40x histology and pathology slides that can be incorporated into Cases and Lessons.

Zoom in and out

Click on the magnifying glass Magnifying glass Magnifying glass, then click on the area you want to magnify and drag the mouse up/down to zoom in and out. Alternatively, click on the Plus sign/Minus sign Sign buttons to zoom in and out.


Rotate the image 90, 180, or 270 degrees by clicking on the rotate icon Rotate Arrow.


Move the image by clicking on the “Pan” icon “Pan”, then dragging the image to where you want.


Flip the image over by clicking on the vertical Flip Vertical or horizontal Flip Horizontal flip icons


Change image brightness by clicking on the “Display” icon, then dragging your mouse vertically up (darker) or down (brighter).


Change image contrast by clicking on the “Display” icon, then dragging your mouse horizontally right (less contrast) or left (more contrast).


Annotate your images. Click on the “Annotate to access a range of drawing controls.

Colors, shapes, fonts

Select/change your annotation colors, shapes, fonts and background.