i-Human Patients can assist hospitals and healthcare systems in assessing the clinical judgment skills of potential new hires and in training new and existing staff on safe, consistent patient interactions.

Virtual Patient Encounters

Professionals interact with virtual patients in a comprehensive patient encounter from history to diagnosis to management plans.

  • Over 350 cases
  • Over 230 patient “avatars”
  • Participating avatars including mothers for pediatric patients, spouses for adult patients, etc
  • Wide range of ages and demographics
  • Specialty cases including OB, Peds, surgical, rehab, and mental health
  • Configurations for: RNs, PNs, NPs, PAs, MDs and DOs
Standardized cases allow for objective, consistent evaluation of professionals
Auto-scoring provides immediate feedback and eliminates the need for “grading”
24/7 availability on laptops and tablets wherever an internet connection is available

Assess Clinical Judgment Skills

Ensure that you’re hiring professionals with sound clinical judgment skills. Safely assess potential hires with i-Human Patients. Assign one or more cases for them to complete any or all of the following:

  • Review an EHR, documenting pertinent findings
  • Complete a patient history and physical exam
  • Communicate with the patient, asking them questions, and analyzing their answers
  • Categorize and prioritize hypothesis (RN/PN)
  • Complete a Dx or DDx
  • Order tests and evaluate results
  • Prescribe medication
  • Develop a management plan
  • Document and review along the way

Clinical Training & Evaluation

Patient safety and improved patient outcomes are undoubtedly at the core of your organization’s mission and goals. Providing your staff, whether new or seasoned veterans, with opportunities to safely practice patient encounters can help you see these values recognized:

  • Train new hires in a safe environment that allows them to make critical decisions without presenting risk to actual patients
  • Expose your staff to a wide range of cases so they are prepared for situations that likely haven’t experienced and may only arise a handful of times in their careers
  • Reiterate processes for existing staff including documentation expectations and SOPs
  • Efficiently evaluate proficiency, clinical judgment skills, and process adherence of your entire staff with i-Human Patients’ auto-scored assessments

Integrated Learning

i-Human Patients can be used to supplement training programs with integrated lessons, exercises, quizzes, and multimedia resources.

  • Lessons – Provide professionals with access to lessons from our library to review clinical procedures like how to take a history.
  • Exercises – Allow professionals to dive deep into a topic (like how to perform a heart auscultation) within an appropriate case with an embedded exercise.
  • Quizzes – Ensure that professionals have fully comprehended the topics and lessons with integrated quizzes.

Rich Multimedia Library

Cases and lessons are supported with a rich media library including:

  • High-res up to 40x magnification real medical images
  • Instructional and procedure videos
  • Real patient sounds such as lung and Proctor Harvey heart auscultations, different coughs, pulses, breathing, and more.

Robust Tracking and Reporting

Auto-Scoring and Analytics

We track every keystroke to provide you and the professional with detailed performance stats.

Auto-scoring saves time. Professionals will automatically be graded and see what they did right or wrong, as well as what they missed.

Individual Performance

You and the professional can drill down to view detailed performance information.

Group Performance

Assess common areas of proficiency and deficiency across groups.

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