Learn how Rosalind Franklin University uses i-Human Patients

“Virtual simulation gives RFUMS students the ability to test a hypothesis without threatening patient safety. Still, these simulations hold students accountable for their decisions, and the software can pinpoint mistakes to provide feedback in meaningful learning. Many graduates of the…

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Does a Med School Degree Guarantee Diagnosis Skills?

Dr. Craig Knoche, President and Dr. Judy Kalinyak, Director, Clinical Curriculum Integration explore if having a med school degree guarantees diagnosis skills. “First do no harm,” a phrase found in Epidemics, Book I, of the Hippocratic school, is a core…

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How to ace your first patient encounter

Dr. Judy Kalinyak, Director of Clinical Curriculum Integration for i-Human Patients gives insight on how to ace your first patient encounter. As a medical student, you spend four years of college and the first two years of medical school studying…

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