Ownership and Licenses to Author Content

The following section only applies if you contribute content through the Service. If you do not contribute content, the following section does not apply to you.

Unless you have a separate agreement with Company related to the authoring of content, Company does not claim any ownership rights in the Author Content that you post through the Service. If you do have an agreement with Company where you create content on Company’s behalf, such content shall be Company content and not Author Content.

Company is not responsible for the content of Author Content that it does not itself submit. Company does not review or verify the accuracy of the Author Content. Your use of or reliance on any Author Content is at your own risk.

You are granted a limited, revocable license to use the Author Content solely in connection with the Service and solely in accordance with these Terms. You may not download, copy, publish, or redistribute any Author Content or any other content you access through the Service outside the Service. If you do so, Company has the right to immediately terminate your access to the Service.


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