Information of “Individual Subscribers” and “Authorized Users”

Individual Subscribers: In the future, we may enable certain individuals (“Individual Subscribers”) to subscribe individually to receive access to the site or portions thereof. In this case, we will collect personal information from these users and track their usage of the site but will not share such information with third parties except as described in the section above. Such users should be aware that to receive credit for their use of the site, they may need to share information regarding usage with institutions from which they wish to receive credit.

Authorized Users: In the future, we may enable certain individuals (“Authorized Users”) to access the site, or portions thereof, as a result of their affiliation with an institution subscribing to the site, in particular institutions providing undergraduate and health care education. In this case, Company will collect personal identification information and track all usage of the site by such users and provide usage data, including data identified with particular Authorized Users, to that Authorized User’s Subscribing Institution. Such information may also be shared with some state accreditation agencies.


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