NCCPA Examination Task Areas


Tasks Exam Content How i-Human Cases Address These Tasks
History & Physical Exam 16%
  • Students practice and are assessed on their ability to conduct an appropriate comprehensive & focused patient interview
  • Students practice and are assessed on the performance of an appropriate physical examination for the patient’s complaint
  • Students develop a list of key findings thus documenting their ability to identify pertinent history and physical examination information
Use of Lab and Dx Studies 14%
  • Students will see test results with normal and abnormal diagnostic ranges throughout the various cases
  • Students are assessed and receive feedback on the indication for laboratory and imaging studies
Developing a Differential Dx 18%
  • S2D lectures provide guidance on the patient’s presenting symptom and the development of an appropriate differential diagnoses based on presenting symptoms or physical findings
  • Students are assessed on their ability to identify pertinent historical information and risk factors for the development of differential diagnosis list
Health Maintenance 10%
  • Students are exposed to health maintenance issues either in patient charts or as a focus of specific patient encounters
  • Many cases have embedded exercises that address epidemiology of selected medical conditions as well as healthy lifestyles and disease detection/prevention
Clinical Intervention 14%
  • Management/SOAP notes sections allow faculty to assess the student competency in their management and treatment selections for a variety of medical conditions
  • End-of-life issues are addressed in palliative care cases which contain a variety of sequential exercises and mini-patient vignettes
Pharmaceutical Therapeutics 18%
  • Selected i-Human cases specifically address the recognition of medication side effects
Applying Basic Science Concepts 10%
  • Patient cases frequently have embedded basic science questions that are auto-scored and provide student feedback. Questions can easily be edited or added at the client’s discretion
TOTAL 100%

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