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Drexel University Extends Use in College of Nursing

Sunnyvale, CA – December 8, 2015 – i-Human Patients, Inc. (IHP), a technology company for the health care professional development and assessment market, today announced that Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions is completing the first year of use of the i-Human platform and is fully integrating it into its curricula for all online Nurse Practitioner (NP) programs. Drexel uses i-Human simulations of clinical encounters to engage graduate nursing students from 31 states to master patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning competencies, promoting safer health care for patients.

Historically there has been a gap between passive learning in classroom and books, and active learning in clinical settings where nurse practitioners conduct patient histories and diagnose illnesses. i-Human solves this problem by providing a bridge between the two, allowing learners to practice interview, data collection, assessment, and diagnostic reasoning skills in a clinically secure setting – a computer.

According to a recent landmark Institute of Medicine report, Americans will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences.

“i-Human enables students to learn by doing in a safe and fun environment. Individualized feedback and coaching helps them master the critical thinking competencies needed to become great clinicians,” said Norm Wu, CEO of i-Human Patients.

Learners access cloud-based i-Human via a web browser to simulate a complete patient encounter. A virtual patient appears on their screen and Drexel students interact with it to take the medical history, perform a fully interactive physical exam, select and prioritize possible diagnoses, order and interpret tests, confirm the diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, and document the encounter. i-Human gives feedback and coaching throughout, helping the student master the diagnostic reasoning process.

Students benefit because they sharpen their critical thinking, patient assessment, and diagnostic reasoning skills before seeing live patients. There are fewer misdiagnoses, therefore, resulting in less time and stress, better patient care, higher patient satisfaction, and ultimately lower cost.

i-Human’s approximately 350 case scenarios have been authored and reviewed by top educators across the U.S. Students can access them anytime, anywhere, on almost any device.

“With the click of a mouse, students use engaging virtual patient simulations to refine their assessment, diagnostic, and critical thinking skills,” said Dr. Brenda Douglass, Assistant Clinical Professor, College of Nursing and Health Professions.

The demand for Nurse Practitioners has risen dramatically, evidenced by U.S. News and World Report naming the occupation second on its list of the“100 Best Jobs of 2015”.

About i-Human Patients, Inc.
i-Human Patients, Inc. develops educational technology for the student and practicing health care professional market, including its flagship i-Human Patients® platform, launched in November 2012. Cloud-based and interactive, the i-Human case player improves cognitive learning outcomes for students using active learning strategies and content developed by almost 100 leading educators.

IHP is collaborating with the Reliance Foundation, an Indian not-for-profit organization that has provided generous support to enhance the i-Human platform and add numerous new simulated patient encounter cases. The partnership aims to provide high-quality virtual health care training to students and clinicians, and equip health care professionals to achieve greater standards of excellence. IHP has also received financial support from the American Medical Association and the National Science Foundation. i-Human Patients, Inc. is based in Sunnyvale, California.

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