i-Human Patients Adds New Modes of Learning to Physician Training Platform

i-Human Patients Adds New Modes of Learning to Physician Training Platform

 New Dynamic DDxTM functionality allows experienced students and practicing clinicians to better hone diagnostic skills using real-world processes

SAN FRANCISCOSeptember 10, 2014—Today at the 2014 TEDMED Hive, i-Human Patients, Inc. (IHP) announced a significant enhancement to itsi-Human Patients® virtual physician training platform that creates more opportunities for practicing clinicians and advanced medical students to hone their diagnostic skills. This new patent-pending functionality, called Dynamic DDx (differential diagnosis), models the diagnostic reasoning process of experienced clinicians and helps them improve the quality of clinical care.


Like a flight simulator for medical students and practicing clinicians, i-Human provides a complete virtual active learning experience that uses a computer-animated patient to replicate the patient-physician examination and diagnostic process. First- and second-year medical students learn step by step how to identify symptoms, perform tests, and deduce a patient’s affliction using a linear approach. Advanced students, residents, graduate students, and practicing clinicians, however, typically use non-linear, iterative assessment and reasoning processes to reach a diagnosis. Dynamic DDx mirrors that iterative approach, allowing more experienced students and clinicians to advance their diagnostic skills.

“With Dynamic DDx, i-Human gains an added layer of sophistication and customization, offering an educational training tool that’s tailored to improve the decision-making process used by experienced physicians,” said Norm Wu, CEO of IHP. “Given that one in 20 U.S. adult outpatients is misdiagnosed every year, the need for ongoing training has never been greater. i-Human now offers hundreds of case studies that accommodate different modes of learning to help clinicians of every level sharpen their diagnostic reasoning and improve patient outcomes.”

Less than two years after i-Human’s release, educators at 20 percent of all U.S. medical schools already subscribe to the platform or are currently developing case content on it in anticipation of future use. i-Human improves core competencies among medical students and professionals, including the reasoning physicians use to diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions.

For more information on i-Human, visit www.i-human.com.

About i-Human Patients, Inc.
i-Human Patients, Inc. develops virtual medical training products and services, including its flagship i-Human Patients® platform, launched in November 2012, which educators at 20 percent of U.S. medical schools are subscribing to or developing content on in anticipation of future use. Cloud-based and interactive, i-Human improves training outcomes and clinical protocol compliance for students, instructors, and practicing clinicians using active learning strategies and content developed by leading medical educators at more than 40 schools. i-Human Patients, Inc. is based in Sunnyvale, Calif.

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i-Human Patients® is a registered trademark and Dynamic DDx is a trademark of i-Human Patients, Inc.

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