IMSH Recap

IMSH_SanFran_Logo_325pxBetter late than never! At the end of January,  i-Human Patients attended the 14th annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH). This was our second time attending the meeting; last year our case player product won Best in Show, so we were very excited to return to this conference.

For three days, all five of us kept busy just about non-stop, speaking with current and (hopefully) future customers about the power of i-Human to help students learn and practice the skills of their trade. For a 10 x 10 booth, we were pretty packed in any time the exhibition floor was open!

With numerous demos running on large touch screens, laptops, and iPads, we were able to show off some of our key product features:

  • Wide range of virtual patients with real problems who breathe, blink, cough, answer questions and more during a complete patient encounter
  • Large volume and variety of real clinical patient encounters anywhere and anytime through the internet, so students can practice diagnostic reasoning skills to their heart’s content
  • Ability to perform a complete Physical Exam to improve and master clinical skills
  • Interface for students to come up with differential diagnoses, order tests, interrupt findings and have each task evaluated
  • Immediate feedback on knowledge, efficency and effectiveness for each patient case
An intense company contest to determine the best expression for a future patient avatar.
An intense company contest to determine the best expression for a future patient avatar.

Overall, this was a very successful event with great traffic and interest! We’re looking forward to next year’s meeting in New Orleans – we hope to see you there!

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