MedCity News: TEDMED Hive companies push limits of digital health innovation

i-Human Patients, Inc. has been featured by  MedCity News  in an article showcasing just a few examples of the innovative new healthcare technology presented last week at TEDMED Hive in San Francisco, CA.

Article excerpt:

“Converting smartphones into cancer diagnostic tools, shrinking the size of vital sign monitoring devices, and helping people with impaired speech find their voice are a few examples of the innovative technology on show at TEDMED this week. With 78 companies pitching digital health innovation technologies between San Francisco and Washington as part of the Hive collection of startups, it’s tough to capture the full scope of their goals and approaches to overcoming challenges in care delivery. But I’ve highlighted a few of them here.

iHuman PatientThe use of patient simulation tools to train physicians and help veteran physicians brush up on their skills is an approach that’s been gaining popularity, with companies such as Symbionix and SimCare Health. By making doctors more comfortable with conducting physical exams and other procedures, it can improve the rapport between physicians and patients and quality of interactions. iHuman-Patient helps physicians take patient histories, take vital signs, learn which questions to ask, and follow up on relevant findings, through the help of avatars. “

Check out the full article, written by MedCity News’ East Coast Innovation Reporter Stephanie Baum:

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