SFGate: Computer simulations help doctors learn to diagnose patients

i-Human Patients is in the news! Featured on Sept. 23rd in the San Francisco Chronicle, the i-Human Patients Case Player features an enormous library of patient cases to help train future and current healthcare professionals.

Article excerpt:

Ariela Hernandez, a middle-aged woman, visited the doctor’s office, light-headed and coughing.

She blinked and her chest rose and fell as she breathed. But Hernandez wasn’t a real patient — just a simulation on a computer screen, created by a medical professional to help train doctors-to-be to diagnose patients.

Patient simulators have been around for a while, said Dr. David Gaba, the associate dean for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning at Stanford. Programs like Sunnyvale i-Human Patients Inc. in Sunnyvale, demonstrated at a recent TEDMED conference in San Francisco, are growing in sophistication as well as in popularity as the pressure to train new doctors increases.” …

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